I want to fall asleep in the arms of my Savior
I want to breathe in deep, the scent of His warm embrace
I want to dream of dancing with Jesus
And wake up to find it’s real

Why can’t I realize that nothing else matters?
There is hurt deep inside of my soul
That can only be purged by letting go
Of everything so I hold nothing but the hands of my Savior

I want to sing out His name at the top of my lungs and not care who hears me because I love Him that much
That is such a small thing compared to His arms stretched wide on the cross saying, “I love you this much.”

Everything I do should glorify Him
Because He is the reason I do anything at all
But yet it seems His name is scarcely on my lips
It’s like I’ve forgotten why I even came here, why I even do this.

I could spend hours on my knees and it still wouldn’t be enough
I could hug a thousand children and it still wouldn’t show His love
I could fast for forty days, but my hunger wouldn’t be satisfied
Can I even fathom who my God is?

He is every beat of my broken heart
And He mends its every fracture
He is the air in my lungs
And I need to breathe Him in
He is the blood in my veins; He flows through me
He keeps me alive

God, I would ask You to sing me a lullaby, but You are my lullaby
You write my bedtime stories
You sing me to sleep

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