Do you remember the Power Puff Girls?
Child, crime fighting superheroes, those were the days.
Do you ever wonder about Bubbles, and who she grew up to be?
I stop and I contemplate, thinking she grew up to be someone like me
What happened to her; we haven’t seen her in ages
She’s got her hair dyed hark, green eyes, ears stretched in gauges
She wears skinny jeans and might be tattooed up
She doesn’t drink, but you might find coffee in her cup

When I was a kid, I was a superhero; nothing was impossible
So what the hell happened?
I was the Flash; I could beat anyone on the track
I was Superman, minus the cryptonite
I was Spiderman, swinging from the branches in my front yard
I was Dark-wing Duck; never afraid of the night
I was Batman… with parents
I was Peter Pan… but I left Neverland

But when I think about it…
I still have superpowers…
I spin webs with words
I can talk circles of confusion around most people
I can squawk like a raven, make you feel surrounded, in the company of a mockingbird.
I can speak faster than most can understand
I set realization into motion with the flick of my tongue

In my dreams, anything is possible
They come alive  when I open my eyes, even when I don’t want to wake up
With one word Christ caused the storms to break up
These words are my own, but I know they’re His too
So I know I’m still a superhero, I won’t play the fool

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