The Golden Rule

Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you
We call this the Golden Rule
Translate into “treat others how you want to be treated”
I thought every child grew up living this “rule”

Well if you followed this rule than you’d be asking me to tell you I’d always be there
And then never be there at all
You’d want me to say you’re one of my closest friends
But then never answer any of your calls
You’d be honest about feeling you’ve lost me
You’d tell me all your fears, how you’re sick of being forgotten
And expect me to forget you just the same

I’m a firm believer in “friendship isn’t forever”
And that’s partly because of you
But not only you
It’s because of him and her and her, too

You once told me the world needs more writers like me
Ones that are real and honest
But honestly, how can you say that?
When you’ve never read a single word I’ve written
Or listened to a single line I’ve slammed

I miss our Sunday lunches
I miss our Monday night coffee traditions
I miss meals with you that I must have taken for granted
Because everyone better showed up

And I sit here wondering why God made us relational creatures
And I know it’s so He can have a relationship with me
But it seems that every brick I’ve taken out of my walls was for NOTHING
People say raisins that look like chocolate chips are the reason they have trust issues
I say it’s because of all those false investments
Because now my bank is empty
I’m done

I still need funds for my Africa/Israel trip.  Thank you so much for praying and if you decide you want to donate you can go to  Put it toward the Israel trip (not study abroad) and put Sara Froiland in the student name box.  Again, thank you for any support you give, whether prayer or financial.

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