Understanding the Gospel

This is another one I wrote for a class.


Thousands of years ago, there was nothing
Nothing but God, Yahweh, who breathed life into existence
He made a man and a woman who were like children in mind.
One simple instruction they were given, “Don’t eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.”
A serpent tricked them into failure and sin entered the world.

Hundreds of years passed and God, Yahweh, established a nation who was to be an example to all nations.
Israel failed and God’s holy people weren’t as faithful as hoped.
But God had a plan

He sent Himself, His Son, in the form of a man, a child
This baby grew in perfection and did no wrong
Jesus taught, and healed, and multiplied food.
But He had a task to complete
A betrayal, an arrest, and a trial later, Jesus hung, innocent, on the cross.
It was all a part of the plan

Because although God could have destroyed everyone and started again, He chose to redeem us instead.
The wages of sin are death, so die Jesus did, even though He never sinned.
He took humanity’s place on the cross, He died so we wouldn’t have to
In three days He rose because death was conquered.

A free gift He gives to all who choose to receive it
Although we did nothing to deserve it.

I was instructed to explain the Gospel so someone could understand,
But I’m not sure I understand it myself.
Who can understand the love, the compassion, the God
Who allowed Himself to die so people who don’t even know Him can live.
I can’t rationalize His redemption idea
He forgives my every wrong, when sometimes I can’t even forgive those who mean right.
Understanding the Gospel is a thought I may never grasp
But yet I believe it, I love it, I’ve experienced it

I may not have all the answers to the questions you might have,
But I can tell you what I do know
Christ died so I can live… and live for Him


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