Fill Me Up

I feel empty. Fill me up
Give me peace and understanding in an overflowing cup
Because I don’t want to say that I’ve had enough
But I feel empty, would you fill me up?

I could feel this coming for days.
Panic setting in, can’t breath, thought it was only a faze
But I feel like I’m running and life is a maze
And I have nothing left to give

Am I allowed to ask why?
I feel like my heart stopped beating the day that she died
Searching for answers, my brain feels like it’s fried
And I haven’t had time to just stop and cry
So I’m ready to drop everything with a sigh

There’s a mountain road that I know
There’s a very high place I could go
But that might only add to this disaster and so
I’ll lie here, on my dorm floor, alone

Things like this don’t happen to me
And yet they happen all the time
These tears, I claim them, they’re all mine
Ask me how I am, I’ll always say “fine”

Where do I go from here?
I don’t even know that face in the mirror
Am I coming in loud; am I coming in clear?
I want to progress, but I’m held down by my fear
Can you tell me where this stops; is the end near?

I feel empty, fill me up



I still need funds for my Africa/Israel trip. Thank you so much for praying and if you decide you want to donate you can go to Put it toward the Israel trip (not study abroad) and put Sara Froiland in the student name box. Again, thank you for any support you give, whether prayer or financial.

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