Fine (I Want to Cry)

I don’t know if I can cry anymore
I mean, I experience sorrow and my heart’s feeling sore
And I’m a college student, so of course I’m poor
So I call out to God as my knees hit the floor,
But I get nothing.

Now I fear
That maybe I used all my best tears
In my younger years
And oh my dear..
I wish the end was near

I try to choke out a few sobs
And I feel as if I’ve been robbed
Maybe I need a second job
I could be paid to sit stone faced because my tear ducts are empty.

Throw me in the ocean
Maybe I can soak up some salty water
So maybe I can cry again

Because I feel that if I cry
I won’t need to die
At least not for a while, but I’ll just let out a sigh
I’m fine

Nothing’s going wrong
But few things are going right
And I’m afraid that I just might
Give up and leave this place behind.

Where would I go?
I don’t even know
So hold me in your arms and rock me to and fro
I want to be a child for once in my life
I was broken and I don’t think the pieces were put back together correctly
And now I’m afraid I’ll need to be broken again
Before I can be what I was created to be
Before I can do what I was created to do
Come on God, make me cry!
I want to cry

Don’t worry, I’m fine


If you feel led, feel free to donate to my Africa/Israel trip at  Put it for the Israel trip (not study abroad) and put Sara Froiland in the student name box.  Thanks so much for all of your prayers and any other support you’d life to give.  It really means a lot.

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