I Was Born a Fire

I was born a fire
And sometimes I’m ashamed
I think to ask God why I explode when someone fans the flame
But I know these words would never escape my mind, my mouth, my pen
Had I been born any other element

So give me something to burn
I feel I’m turning to coals
I need something to ignite me so I can learn
From my mistakes, a degree in ashes is what I’ll earn
Because all those bridges left behind me have crumbled

Sometimes I am a raging forest fire
One that Smokey warned you about
I consume everything that was once beautiful, full of life
Because someone made a small mistake that sparked against something dry and dying

Sometimes I’m a bonfire, the life of the party
People grab their friends and toss their awful pasts into my burning soul
There’s music and dancing and everybody laughs
As the night grows darker, I grow brighter to illuminate the faces of friends becoming lovers
But these parties always end and I am doused with ice cold water from the nearby ocean
Salty as my tears when I’m left behind and forgotten

Sometimes I am a source of warmth
Heat in the fireplace, I make even the poorest of homes feel like a palace
I am docile, comfortable, controlled.
Feed me kindling and I’ll feed your late night dreams and inspirations
I hear whispers of new parents finally relaxing after children are sleeping
And I know as I die down that love is still alive

Sometimes I’m a candle
So innocent and unnoticed
But when the power goes out I light up the whole room

I was born a fire
And I know if I don’t control myself I’ll burn you
You’ll be engulfed in my flames and I won’t know what to do
But I promise I’ll keep you warm, I promise I’ll give you light
Please don’t put me out, I want to keep you in my sight

I was born a fire…
And sometimes I’m ashamed



If you feel led, please donate to my Africa trip, or just pray for the trip in general.  Thank you so much for any support you’ve given.  You can donate at lifepacific.edu/online-giving-for-global-life and put Sara Froiland in the name box and Israel (not study abroad) in the destination box.  Again, thank you.

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