So, I have an opportunity to trust God with something big.  I have no money but am signed up to go to Africa in May!  Woo!  Okay, so there’s a story here, maybe I should start with that.

When I was fifteen, a lot of things happened that were God related.  One of which was my salvation and call to attend Life Pacific College (the school I go to right now).  It’s weird to think that my life is someone else’s plan.  Any way, one day I was sitting in church (not my own but one I was visiting with a friend) and someone was showing a missions video for India.  I thought it was cool, but missions etc. wasn’t my thing, I was only 15 anyway.  But then I heard a voice and it said, “Sara, go to Africa.”  No one else heard it, and I didn’t know what to think, but ever since then, Africa has been on my heart.  Sort of.  I told my parents I wanted to go to Africa and they were basically like, “No way,” but I thought that if it was what God wanted, then He would present an opportunity.
A few months later, after I had turned 16, the youth group I attended was given the information that they could fill out an application and go on a missions trip to… drum role please… Panama…  They were going with another church from Southern California and in my head I was talking to God about how I wasn’t going because it wasn’t Africa.  But He told me to go and another friend confirmed it.  So, plans were made.
When my dad picked me up that night, I told him I was going to Panama because God wanted me to.  He told me I wasn’t, but both my parents prayed about it, and I filled out the application and turned it in.  I was the only one to do so.  My youth group didn’t go, but I did.  I went to a strange country with a group of people I didn’t know when I was sixteen.
Long story short, that trip was great, but it wasn’t Africa.

Within a year or so, I started to feel as if all that I had given up in order to go to Africa (a story for another time) had possibly been for nothing, and that I had just heard God and He had told me to go to Panama and I had gone so everything was fine and dandy.  Maybe I thought that, since things happen immediately when I plan them that God should work that way too.  He doesn’t.

Last semester I started to feel Africa on my heart again.  At this point I thought maybe I would go after I graduated  and maybe have some great ministry there.  I wasn’t sure.  It was in the distant future and God would give me the details as I got closer to it.  Over Christmas break I felt the call get a lot stronger.  I was feeling guilty about owning/buying material items that I didn’t need, I don’t want excess clothes and I’m thinking about selling everything.  When I returned to San Dimas I told one of my close friends that I was thinking about looking for a trip in May, but that was only a half-hearted statement.
On my first Wednesday back, I walked into Dan Stewart’s class and he talked about the team he was leading to Kenya, Africa, Israel, and Istanbul, Turkey.  Then he invited us to come.  He wasn’t fully serious with his invitation, because the rest of the team had been signed up for a couple months and were already supposed to working on fundraising.  However, I asked him if I could sign up and he said, “Yes,” and I signed up and that’s that. I’m not done with my application yet, but I do have support letters written and ready to be mailed out as soon as I get stamps and envelopes, which by the time this is posted will probably have already happened.  I’m looking for other ways to raise funds as well.

I am confident that if this is really what God wants me to do that He will supply the funds, but I am asking for support.  Prayer support for myself and the team and the people we will be reaching is especially needed.  Also, if you feel led to donate, you can do so at  Donate to the Israel trip (not study abroad) and put Sara Froiland as the student name.  There will should also be a working link on my page.
Thank you in advance for your prayers and any other support you feel led to give.

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