Little Bird

I open the cage door and set my little bird free
In hopes that maybe someday you’ll come back to me
I need to learn to trust, to know your loyalty
But out that open window you’ve flown farther than I can see

Long ago I stored my lifeless heart in a stone black box
You took a hammer to it until pieces began to fly off
A piece of me was carried off in your beak, little bird
And out that open window I wonder if I’ll ever be whole

I set myself down in this lonely room on this lonely sofa couch
Until I feel two arms around me
And my heart begins to beat, again
And my lungs begin to breathe, again
And I won’t stop to think, again

I stick myself to this wooden bird swing
He unlocked my cage, left the window open so I could spread my wings
And deep within me is a song that I could sing
But here, safe, there is so much more fulfillment to bring

They say that if you love someone, you should let them go
I’m not so sure I love you
But my hands have opened and you have flown free
I let you go, I don’t need you to return to me
Because I’ve realized how much more I can be
And I understand it now, I’ve got it down to a T

Oh little bird, your cage door is open
And that pice you took?  Let it be a token
To remember me by, it’s okay, I’m not broken
Here, alone, I have been made whole.

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