Some New Years Resolutions (Or Challenges, rather)

What a way to start off the new year
With a somewhat broken heart
Maybe I was crushed into a hundred pieces
Maybe I was torn apart

I think I’ll end my susceptibility to boys with good hair and a dark sense of humour.
I think I’ll stop my inability to trust
I think I’ll learn a little vulnerability, maybe learn to love
I think I’ll start letting my past crumble, old like rust

This year I’ll climb a mountain
This year I’ll hike Half Dome
This year I’ll run a little more
This year I’ll find a home.

I’ll stop running away
I’ll chase God with everything I’ve got
I’ll accept friendships
I’ll leave behind me everything I’m not

This year will be different
This year will be great
This year I’ll let go
This year I’ll find a new fate

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