Jesus Was Perfect: My Thoughts This Christmas

christmas 2007
christmas 2007 (Photo credit: paparutzi)

Jesus was perfect.  Imagine that.  He never sinned.  Even in a secular world, He did no wrong.  He probably never disobeyed His parents or lied to get out of trouble.  He probably never even got in trouble.  HE WAS PERFECT.  Now imagine being friends with Him.  Imagine having a friend that was perfect, that never messed up or broke any laws, or the covenant, or anything.  If Jesus was alive today, He probably wouldn’t have even driven over the speed limit.  That blows my mind.  And then He went and died for us.  We don’t deserve it.

Holidays.  Almost all of the widely celebrated holidays are Christian.  Well, Christmas and Easter are.  These are both celebrated all over the world.  Yeah, the reason and the story has changed, but people still know the original, even if they don’t believe it.  Are there other religions that have their holidays celebrated everywhere?  If there is, than my point is almost moot, because I haven’t researched it.

The Christmas Spirit.  This year, I am doing my best to love Christmas.  I’m not a fan of corporate holidays really.  However, this year, I started listening to Christmas music as soon as December began.  And I went to my school’s Christmas party, even though I started to freak out, I survived.  I put up a Christmas tree in my quad.  And, get this, I went and looked at Christmas lights with some friends.  I never do that.  I don’t do any of these things.  In fact, I’ve spent the greater part of my life hating Christmas music.

Where was I a year ago?  Last year, all I wanted was to die.  I wasn’t in a good place, but all of that has changed.  I’m making plans for my future.  I’m not sending good bye notes to those closest to me.  No one has any reason to worry.  A year ago, I didn’t see any point in anyone worrying about me.  This year, I don’t see any point in giving anyone anything to worry about.  Yeah, life isn’t good all of the time.  However, I can always find a reason to smile.  If I need to be alone, I’ll be alone, but forgetting all of the good things is stupid.  God’s brought me a long way.  And I’m thankful.  I’m happy.  I’m thankful that people care and that I have people to care about.  I’m thankful I have dreams and talents and a world to share it with.  I’m thankful I’m not starving.  Next year will be even better.

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