Elemental Remembrance

I hope you know I’m in the water
That every sip you take leaves my taste in your mouth
That my streams can’t be erased
Even with a drought
You’ll try to forget me
But my thirst fills you with doubt

I hope you know I am the fire
And when the cold winter comes, it is me who keeps you warm
Thoughts of me cross your mind at every pop of kindling, at every new piece of wood
Forget me?  Oh, you wish you could
But you are so cold

I am the ground you walk on
And with every further step my heart breaks
With every held in breath the floor shakes
Have you stopped to wonder at the constant earthquakes?

I am the air you breathe
Inhale, exhale
You realize you needed me
And with every passing moment you realize you’re suffocating
As I slowly relax, as I breathe freely

I am the pattern on your rug, draped across your parents’ living room floor
The one you trace every lazy Sunday afternoon
I am every strange knock on your front door
The one you’re still too afraid to answer
My memories must be leaving you so sore
Because I keep going on alone

You abandoned me
And when I woke up and realized you were gone
It took everything I had to finally move on
And now you hear my voice in every new song
So now you have the audacity to say you miss me?!
I have no reply
Because for the days I spend in tears
Did you ever cry?
And while you sit on your mountain, are you soaring, are you high?
Gone are the days when away, I wish I could fly
Because too many nights were spend pondering, How many times did you lie?

So you can try to forget me
But I am the air you breathe
Slowly dying
As you are erased from my memory

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