What is Please?

Can you please leave?
Because my personal comfort goes to a negative when you stand in the same room as I
Now sit still, trying to figure out if there was a better way to phrase that question
Drop the please, drop the question, I need to be
Alone, reaching out to grasp my slowly evaporating sanity

Because I think too much about the importance of words and why some are classified as good and some as bad
Why put words into a language if some are better than others
That’s like saying some people are better than others, that some are inherently bad…
Why have curse words, that can’t be said on television or radio and oh no, how dare you say that word in front of a child or a conservative Christian friend with baby, virgin ears.

They always teach you, growing up “say please and thank you, because it’s polite”
And it wasn’t until now that I realized that “thank you” shows gratitude, but please, I have to put up a fight.
What does please mean?
For the sake of my argument, I’ll open a dictionary
Please is a derivative of pleasure
“Do this, if you please”
It’s only place in a question is if you’re letting someone else answer with only what is their pleasure
And so it makes sense why it is seldom heard except out of the mouths of children who are begging for something they probably can’t have

Now let me put this in context for you
She sprayed it and walked away
And I’m left here dealing with the allergic reactions of said spray
So I finally, before the migraine sets in, pluck up enough courage to say
“Can you spray your perfume somewhere else, I think I’m allergic,” expecting this to be the last day
And she said, “You didn’t say please.”
Because her view of outdated politeness is more important than another person’s health

Next time you need CPR, better say please
Next time you need rescuing from the edges of a stroke death, better say please.
What is please?
I’m calling war on please

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