Reasons: Why

Why have a mind, if not for ideas?
Why have ideas if I’m not gonna use them?
Everything you see was once an idea,
So why would mine be any less?
Every boulder was once a grain of sand
Every roaring lion was once as small as a lamb
So why do any less than my dreams tell me I can?
Tell me!… Why should I hold back?

Why have eyes if not to see?
Why not look around and be changed by the beauty?
There’s no reason to plow through, eyes shut, missing all the scenery.
Because every flower outshines each blade of grass
And every starry night reminds me of my past
And every brand new morning my eyes open, awake, at last
Tell me… why should I hold back?

Why have ears if not to hear?
Yeah, life without sound would give me less to fear
But I’d never hear your voices coming in clear
And I wouldn’t experience music that can cause me to tear… up…
And I wonder… would I feel anything at all?
Tell me… why?

Why have a voice if not to be heard?
Because if I have something to say, I’m going to say it
But every time I open my mouth, you get out your gun and shoot my words out of the air.
So why even try?  Why even care?
It seems me having an opinion can’t be fair
Because I want to be heard, I want you to notice me!
Why can’t you notice me?!
It’s like you put me in a clear glass box
You can see me screaming at the top of my lungs
But choose not to acknowledge and word that comes
Because this box is sound proof
Listen to me!  I will not hold back

Why have a heart if not to love?
Because with ever beat I lose a little more life
But life isn’t worth living without something to live for
And deep down inside of me, down to my core
I know that I’m not quite there, that there’s something more
And you’ve probably heard me say this before
But I’ve never been in love
So long as my heart beats, I refuse to believe I’m alone
I’m not going to go through life searching for someone to love me
Because I know that I already am loved
I’m full to the brim and have more than enough to give away
So if some guy is out there searching for me
It’s time to say I’m sorry, because I can’t stay in the same place, ever waiting
Here’s hoping to the inevitable intermingling of our lives
As we bump into each other in a coffee shop and our eyes
Meet and we know it’s more than an idea we have seen, and all those lyrics begin to make sense and you can’t wait to hear the words I’m about to speak
And our hearts stop, to beat, at the same rhythm

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