night sky
night sky (Photo credit: Ha-Wee)

I remember being a kid and looking up at the night sky
I remember the lights, the twinkling little suns that would go on forever.
I remember sitting outside with my dad, he’d tell me to count the stars.
And I never could.

We never had city lights growing up.
We could drive up into the hills and look down on our little town, but still see expanses of darkness
I was never afraid of the dark.

I remember driving home with my brother.
There were rarely any cars on our little highway
He once turned off the headlights so we could see how dark the night was, how big the moon, how bright the stars
Sometimes now, I forget to turn the headlights on, because these city lights are so bright.

I went outside to lay on the grass last night.
There wasn’t a single star in sight
And I couldn’t tell if it was because of the too many lights
Or if maybe it was just the red smog that I keep breathin’ in, that’s right

I sometimes drive out into the hills to look out onto the city
And although everything I see is pretty
I can’t help thinking it looks fake… and gritty
Because I miss my stars that have been blotted from the night sky

I remember a story about a man named Jesus
He was called the light of the world
I remember being told that being Christian meant being Christlike, but I don’t feel like Christ at all.
But maybe… “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine,” so bright that maybe I can put one more star back in the sky
Because the day I let the stars be replaced by city
The day I let my purpose be replaced by something else
That is the day I give up, because my faith died…

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