One Step

A journey always begins with one step.
You took one step down the road to the city, inheritance in hand and jacket slung over your shoulder.
You didn’t look back, you knew where you were going and there was no stopping you.
Into the city, you travelled, drinking, gambling, spending your money and living your life.
But suddenly, it was gone; just like you were long gone, down the road, away from everything you knew.
You find yourself living in a box, eating out of a dumpster, and entertaining alley cats as your only friends.
This is nothing like the wealth you once knew, the comfort you grew up with, the company you enjoyed at home.
You sit back and reminisce, only wishing you could go back; you decide to return as a servant, because you are worthy of nothing else, not realizing your father is standing there, waiting for you, scanning the horizon, ever-expecting you to meander down the road.

A journey always begins with one step.
You turned and took one step toward the fields, back to work, as your brother leaves down the beaten path, knowing very well that you may never see him again.
For fifteen years you worked hard, doing everything your father asked, never once taking a day off to celebrate with your friends.
So when your brother returns, you will not rejoice, oh no, there will be no joyful exclamations from you.
You sit in your poolhouse, brooding, angry with your father for his lack of punishment; who are you to judge?

A journey always begins with one step.
Two and a half years ago, when I took those last steps to my packed car, I never knew I’d be sitting in a coffee shop, alone, writing these words.
I never thought I’d be alone at all, I make time for people, so why don’t they make time for me?
But as I sit here, I realize, I am not alone at all.
God’s been here every step; he’s the whole reason I’m here anyhow.
How could I forget that?

A journey always begins with one step.
And sometimes it’s too far to see the end.
Journeys never really end the way we expect them to, do they?

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