It’s Okay to not be Okay (sometimes)

It’s okay to not be okay, (all the time)
Not everyday has to be a good day
Even Jesus, who was perfect, wasn’t always overflowing with joy
The shortest verse in the Bible simply says, “Jesus wept”
Jesus Wept!
Sot it’s okay to weep with him.
It’s okay to cry and let someone else hold your broken body as you grasp for the pieces of your breaking heart.
Because you’ve held me to this so many times that I lost count.

It’s okay to withdraw (some of the time)
Jesus went off to be alone more frequent than the Gospels record
So it’s okay to go off by yourself and figur out why today wasn’t the best.  Not everyday can be the best.

It’s okay to be angry (at anyone)
Jesus got angry.
Angry at people.
Jesus went into his Father’s house and threw out all the money changers.
Anger is not a game changer.
Jesus got angry!
Angry at God! (But still understanding)
Jesus pleaded with God to take away the cup of death he was about to endure.
His angry sorrow caused him to sweat tears of blood!
But he still went to the cross.

We are Christians, called to live like Christ.
But more than that, we are people; people that God made, with a broad expanse of emotions that we don’t always understand
Jesus knows, and even though he is perfect, he was not always okay.
So it’s okay if not everyday is the best day, a good day, because it’s still a day.
You still opened your eyes, your feet are still walking, your hands are still held high and your lips are still whispering prayers.
It’s okay to not be okay (sometimes).

3 thoughts on “It’s Okay to not be Okay (sometimes)

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