He watches you.
He knit you together in your mother’s womb, but even before then, he watched you.
He’s been there since day one, since conception
So when you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, know that he is watching you.
He created you for who you are and who you are is beautiful.

He is an artist and you are his canvas.
He paints away, and he’s not quite done, but even still you are beautiful.
So ho dare you believe what the world says with words like “ugly;” God doesn’t make ugly.
You are beautiful.

In the beginning, God created everything and it was good.  He saw that it was good.
So when you step out into the world, don’t let it tell you that you are not good enough.
Never believe that you are not good enough.
God made you and he saw that you were good.
He didn’t create you good enough.
Breathe it in, you are good.
You are beautiful.

Shirt on, shirt off, new shirt, new shirt, new shirt.
You are not ready, not comfortable
Be comfortable in your own skin.
He created that skin; he took time on you.
Don’t shame your beauty, proclaim your beauty.
Remember it, scream it, shout it,
You are beautiful.

He watches you as you stare, trying to paint the perfect line around your eyes so maybe you’ll be pretty.
He watches you are you scrub it off and start again.
He watches over you, as you give up and tearfully climb back into bed, afraid to face another day, because you can’t quite reach a certain standard of pretty.

He watches you.
And he holds you in his arms and he wants you to know you’re beautiful.
If only you could see what he sees
Because he made you in his image, and my friend, God is so much more than just beautiful.

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