Soap Box

He tried to get off his soap box, oh how he tried
But his feet, they were tied down
And he wasn’t strong enough to untie the knots

So he tried to jump
But he fell
His face hit the ground
And he crumpled

He couldn’t shake the knots loose
No matter what he did, they stayed tied
Then she showed up

Now this isn’t a love story
She didn’t change his life
She simply helped him out

He was trapped,
But she had a knife
She cut through his ropes and set him free

Together they ran
They ran to the sea
Together they jumped through the air to the waters beneath

She held his hand
He held hers
But the current grew too strong

Together they were pulled down, down
Down below the dark waters
They tried to swim up
But safety was beyond their reach

If only he had known that she would share his last breath
He lost all comprehension of thoughts
And before he ran out of air
He only missed his soap box

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