Isn’t it Funny?

Isn’t it funny how broken our world is?  Think about it; there is not one single perfect person on the face of this planet.  In fact, there has only been one perfect human since the beginning of time, and His name was Jesus.

Isn’t it funny how we all try to hold it together?  We think that if our flaws are exposed that we will no longer be accepted, but this makes all feel unacceptable in their weakness.  Isn’t God our strength when we are weak?

Isn’t it funny how all the Christian kids grow being told to stay away from the “bad” kids, the ones who don’t go to church, when Jesus’ greatest command was to fulfill the Great Commission, to make disciples?  These kids will grow up to be just as judgmental as their parents!  The church will fail to grow!
Have we failed God?  Is He disappointed in our self-centered belief that we are special because we are saved?  Hello! THIS IS A BROKEN WORLD!  No one is perfect.  Romans 3:23, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”  Let us not forget that.

I’m feeling that the time is coming where all will be accepted as Christ accepts us.  Where a gauged ear, tattooed bodied, metal head can walk into a church without someone assuming that he or she is lost.  I think it’s time that people accepted that the world is changing, has changed.  God did not call us to be racist, judgmental, ill-hearted Christians.  He called us to live as Jesus lived.  Where are the healings?  Where are the resurrections?  Why does the world hate Christians instead of loving God?  Why have we been such a poor example of the God we serve?  Can we please try to see the world through Jesus’ eyes?!

I was depressed.  I was broken (still am).  I have gauged ears and a dino tattoo.  But guess what, Jesus LOVES me.  If God accepts me for who I am, although I am far from perfect, who am I to condemn those who are in the same place I was?  Remember, no one is perfect.

Isn’t it funny how God created a perfect world, but humans messed it up?  Isn’t it funny how He gave His only Son to die for those who broke His perfect world?  It is love, and we need to learn it.


I think it's time for a change

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