You Didn’t Tell Me

You didn’t tell me you were hurting.
You didn’t tell me who you lost.
You didn’t tell me she was through.

I see you as one of the best, one of the few I can trust.
I try so hard to hold you so closely, but still you pull away.
“Be gentle,” you say, even though we both know you caused your own pain.

How did I hear?
I thought we were closer than this, but no, I heard from the others.
I feel as if your affections have become a competition, one that I am very good at losing.

So I have come to a conclusion.
You don’t love me anymore.
I don’t ask for much, at least I don’t think that I do.
But alas, I have lost you.

Maybe I should stop trying, I always knew I couldn’t.
Dancing along the lines of this friendship has become pointless.
The lines are disappearing, and so is the relationship it encompasses.


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