Everything is good.  I don’t really have anything to complain about.  God is giving me peace.
I’m falling asleep while doing homework, but still contemplating the beauty in life.  God has given me so much.  I feel like I take God for granted so often.  I forget that everything I have comes from Him.  He is just so good.

I don’t want a boyfriend.  But pursuit does flatter me, even though it may also be annoying.
Yes, a boy is pursuing me.  No he does not go to my school.  He is not approved of by some of the most important people currently in my life.  Yet I like him.  Stupidly.  We might have a date soon, just sayin’.
However, if I were to start a relationship with anyone right now, it would not be him.  So honestly, what is wrong with me?  I am flattered, that’s what is wrong with me.
I don’t know how to say no.  Someone should teach me.

I shall pause as I listen to Joseph Chang hum while doing his homework.


The other day, I prayed that God would give me a new camera.  It’s been so hard for me to save up right now.
Later that night, my brother said we could temporarily trade.  God really does answer prayers.

I still am unsure of what to do about so many things.  But still, I need to learn to dwell in the peace God has given me.

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