Ginja Ninja (For Robbie)

(I am aware that this is three days late, I’ve been busy and distracted.)

Robbie, the Ginja Ninja

There once as a young, wimpy chap.  He went by the name of Robbie.  Robbie was made fun of a lot because he had beautiful, fiery, red hair.  He was sad because no one looked like him.  No one could understand what it was like to be a ginger; to have beautiful hair and freckly skin.  Robbie had few friends.  Little did he know that he contained amazing powers.

One day, on his way home from school, Robbie was mugged.  These gigantic, mean, boys beat him up and stole his milk money.  This just made Robbie even more sad.  His mother freaked out and made him learn martial arts, unknowingly releasing the power within.

Robbie soon became a black-belt.  He developed amazing soul stealing powers and he could take on anyone.  He was the ginja ninja.  But he was nice, so he decided to use his powers for good, and he saved the world on several occasions.

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