Stop Worrying

Honestly.  Just stop it.  It’s 2012 now, I don’t really get a choice about whether I want to see it or not now, it’s already here and I’ve already seen it.

I don’t really know that I have any new year’s resolutions, I’ve never made one before.  I usually just change things in my life as they go, I suck at making goals for myself.  I never know what goals to set.  Maybe to survive and thrive.

I feel like I’m in trouble.  A ridiculous amount of people suddenly is taking notice in me.  It’s funny how, when I reach the end of my rope, then someone decides to realize that I may be in trouble.  But I’m not in trouble.  Anything that happens is my own fault.  The fact that I am a messed up individual is my own fault.  My depression, my suicidal tendencies, I own them, they’re my fault.

So, sorry for once again being an inconvenience by causing worry.  I have said before that I’m not worth worrying over, and that’s not going to change.  I have to change myself.  I have to let God change me.  I have given Him my life, now it’s time that I give Him my death, and everything in between.

2012, be happy, be full, be new, be Jesus.  JUST BE.

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