A Day Late…

I realize that this post is one day late.  It’s finals week and finishing everything last night was crazy, so I apologize for the lateness.

I don’t have much to say right now, but this is what I will say.

6 things I will be looking forward to while I am home:

  1.  Spending some much needed time with God.  Reading my Bible and journaling.
  2. Sleeping in my bed in my own room, alone with lots of pillows.  Simply sleeping for days.
  3. Spending time with Adrian.  I do miss him so.  He’s an old friend and he’s always been there.
  4. Writing.  Music and poetry.  Maybe getting a start on my book.
  5. Catching up on my reading.  So much relaxation is to be had.
  6. Photography.  Hopefully I will be taking some pictures.  This could be a lie though.  My camera sort of hates me lately.

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