What is Love?

Love is nothing.

Love is free falling off the highest building, a peaceful soaring, only be hit with the shocking reality that you leapt too soon, only to die too young.

Love is the painful screaming, ringing in your ears when you can’t fall asleep at night.

Love calls out to you whenever you don’t want it to, only to be chased down by the fastest train, run down in the streets when all you wanted was to dance barefoot in the rain, soft kisses as the wet, cold, droplets slide down your tear streaked face.

Love is the birds singing every morning, the sad, sad song that can only mean that the end is near.

Love is black eyes, bruised alibis, and lies about where the scars came from, the ones that may never stop bleeding.

Love is 1 Corinthians 13 shoved down your throat everyday from the time you reached twelve years of life, but never remembering the true meaning behind God and His true reality that He truly loves you.

Love is a word that has lost its meaning; over used and only said when we want something from each other.

Love puts you on a pedestal so high, only to leave you behind, crying, alone, on the ground, lying in a deep pit of despair.

But then love picks you up.

Love carries you and holds you in its arms until you have cried your last tear.

Love is the sun on your cold skin, warming the sidewalk where we once danced barefoot in the rain.

Love is never asking why, never forgetting the past and always remembering that the future is brighter and just up ahead.

Love gives you a reason to live; an eminent light before you that can never fade.

Love won’t leave you behind, and when love finds you, love will meet you everyday, waiting outside your lonely apartment, ringing your doorbell no less than eight times.

Love is the beauty you see when you open your eyes to angelic streams of fragrant beams creeping through your curtains in the morning.

Love lacks all judgment and simply exists.

Love is everything.

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