Busy Procrastination

It has been two weeks since I’ve written anything that wasn’t school or music related.  Sometimes I hate my busy life, even though it is essential.  But I have been neglecting my best way of unleashing.

I don’t necessarily have anything to say.  I’m sure this will stay unread.  But life is currently so different and confusing, in the best way possible.

Someday, I may believe in love for me, other than God’s.  I am so amazed that God loves and provides for me on a regular basis.  But romantic love, no way.

I have never been on a real date.  Sometimes I wonder what that would be like, but I know it won’t happen.  I know I don’t fall into what the media says is attractive, but I’m okay with that.  Maybe someone will love me someday.  We’ll never know…

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