My Ideal Apartment?

Next summer I may need to find a new place to live, since I’m not coming home.  I was on searching for scholarships I could apply for I found one from asking me to write a blog about an apartment I found on their website. So I found the one listed above.

This apartment is in Montclair.  I go to school in San Dimas.  They are not too far away from each other.  I could rent a wonderful two bedroom apartment for under $700! wow!  I would need a roommate, but that wouldn’t be bad.  Most roommates are good.  I can’t really complain about having the worst single roommate ever.  I’m fairly good at getting along with people.

What makes this apartment really neat is that it has stairs!  Hello, free workout!  It would also give my mother an excuse not to come up to my room if she visits; she hates stairs.  I would also have more time to hear an intruder coming to kill me in my sleep; I could make sure the stairs are extra creaky.  Or I could install piano stairs, that would be exciting.  Oh man stairs.  I’ve always wanted stairs, and the only time I’ve ever had them was in my dorm building, so that’s not quite the same.

The apartment looks fairly roomy.  Space to chill.  I could find random furniture at garage sales and make it less roomy, but more likely to get visitors.  Anytime my friend Mary came to visit we could roll around on the floor together; a regular occurrence.  AAAAND!! It has a kitchen.  I COULD LEARN TO COOK!  It’s true, I don’t cook, but having my own kitchen would give me an excuse to… maybe.

Only 1.5 bath.  However, that could be a very good thing.  I wouldn’t have to worry about random guests deciding to take a shower when they ask to use the bathroom.  Knowing that, I would have a more peaceful feeling about having people over.  I would have to share a bathroom/shower with my roommate though.  I already do that at home with my brother.  I guess it’s something I’m used to.

TOT-LOT!  Heck yeah, I could play on the playground!  It would be a good place to take some new pictures, like these ones:

I’m not really sure what “plush landscaping” is, but I’m sure that it means beauty, so it would make for good photography.  I think that, when it is time for me to make my move out of the dorms and into an apartment, this would be a good place to look into. 🙂

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