The Wise Words of an Ex

“A friend is someone who knows exactly where to hit you to make it hurt the most.”

I read these words off an ex-boyfriend’s skype status.  Today I realized how true these words can be.  In this little town of Bishop, where I’ve grown up and am spending my summer before I go back so school in the fall, I have no friends.  I used to have friends, but they have all abandoned me.  I have had the worst summer of my life.

A friend is someone you think you can trust.  You tell them everything, especially when you know they’re about to do something that will hurt your friendship.  A true friend will respect you and listen to what you ask them to avoid.  But not only will they listen to you, they will take you into account when they make decisions that could hurt you, rather than ignore you and take you for granted.  A friend will not break your heart.

A friend, if upset with you, might hurt you.  They might become hypocritical.  You might feel like they’ve turned their back on you.  A true friend won’t suddenly cut you out when they find that you’ve committed and error.

However, a friend can always forgive.  Friends can be stubborn and leave each other.  But true friends will find it necessary to forget the wrongs of each other and continue in their partnership.  Friends can hurt you the most, but a true friend will choose not to wield the worse weapons.

This is what friends are for

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