I sometimes try to imagine what Heaven will be like.  I try so very hard not to picture clouds, because I know that is wrong.  I feel as if television and books have minimized my view of heaven, because no one alive on earth has actually been there.  We tend to imagine heaven to be less than earth, but if that was the case, then why would we want to go there?  Heaven will be so much more than earth.  Heaven is unimaginable.

The Bible says Heaven will have colors that can’t even exist on earth.  Sometimes I try to picture these colors, but I know that seeing them in my mind is an impossibility, since I haven’t even seen them with my eyes.  Some say that the Garden of Eden was Heaven.  Still others say that Heaven will have streets paved with gold.  I have even heard that in Heaven, all streets will lead to God, and we will worship Him forever.  I’m sorry to say that when I picture Heaven, I usually forget to put God’s face in the picture.  Probably because I’ve never actually seen His face.  I think Heaven will be everything we ever wanted; everything that makes us happy.

I once had a boyfriend who hated dogs.  My parents breed dogs and so I’ve grown up always owning them.  I know that I will always own a dog, even if mine lives with my parents while I attend college.  And so this angered me that he insisted that he hated them and that he would never live with them.  So I asked him about Heaven.  “Dogs don’t go to Heaven, no animals do,” he said.  “Animals don’t have souls, and they won’t be in Heaven.”  But animals make people happy.  Why would God create a Heaven that had less than what makes people the most happy, rather than more?  Sure, a person’s specific pet might not be in Heaven, but an animal similar or the same will be.  Heaven will be the best place.

I love roller coasters.  I think Heaven will have roller coasters without tracks.  Ones that go on and on until a person is ready to get off.  And the ride will always be different.  I don’t think there will be t.v. in Heaven; I don’t think there will be a need for it.  Everything will be so great and perfect that there will be no point and sitting and watching other people live the exact same life as you.  Food will not be necessary in Heaven, but we will be allowed to eat it if we choose.  Everyone will have a perfect body, but won’t have to work out to get that way.  I’m not saying that we will never exercise, but that we will be living in the perfect bodies that Christ created for us.  There will be no more sorrow and no more pain.  Everyone will be happy all the time, which will only give us more reasons to worship God.  Sleep won’t be necessary and dreams will be reality.  I personally love sleeping, but I feel that in Heaven, I won’t.

The only thing about Heaven that I am not excited for, is missing my friends.  I know that they will not all be there, and this saddens me.  I wish that there was no hell, that Heaven was all that there is, and that everyone could go, regardless of their salvation.  But that is not how it works.  I hope to be an example to those I love in the future.  I pray that Christ will impact their lives.

I don’t know if all of my assumptions about Heaven will be accurate.  However, it is a place to which I am excited to go.  I don’t believe that I’m ready to die right now, but when I do, or when the world ends, I know I will have a perfect existence in paradise.


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